Ministry of Education and Vocational Training


Eagles New!

Box 66 Bagamoyo, Bagamoyo


A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS.2397
School_OwnerBahari Eagles Foundation LTD

East Cost New!

Box 30330 Kibaha, Kibaha

East Cost

Reg NumberS.1498
School_OwnerBw. Hamis Hussein Mhini

Ebenezer Seminary New!

Box 2080, Iringa, Iringa (V)

Ebenezer Seminary

A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS.3589
School_OwnerKatibu Mkuu Tanzania Assemblies of God

Eckenforde Cambridge New!

Box 5032 Tanga, Tanga (J)

Eckenforde Cambridge

A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS.2011
School_OwnerEckenforde Education Trust

Eckenforde Girls New!

Box 5032, Tanga, Tanga (J)

Eckenforde Girls

A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS. 3567
School_OwnerMkurugenzi MtendajiEckenforde Education Trust

Eckenforde+ New!

Box 5032 Tanga, Tanga (M)


A/O - LEVELO-A. Level
Reg NumberS.497
School_OwnerBw. Remency S. Tarimo

Eden New!


A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS. 4358

Eden Garden New!

Box 1393 Moshi , Moshi (M)

Eden Garden

A/O - LEVELO-A. Level
Reg NumberS.1346
School_OwnerMrs. B. Nayar

Edi New!

Box 1738, Mbeya, Mbeya


A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS. 3736
School_OwnerMkurugenzi Mtendaji Maranatha Engineering & Trading Co. Ltd

Edmund Rice Sinon New!

Box 7131 Arusha, Arusha (M)

Edmund Rice Sinon

A/O - LEVELO-A. Level
Reg NumberS.405
School_OwnerRC Arusha Diocese

EDP Royal New!

Box 33463 DSM, Kinondoni

EDP Royal

A/O - LEVELO-A. Level
Reg NumberS.1376
School_OwnerEDP Royal Academy Ltd

Educare New!

Box 1081 Morogoro, Morogoro [M]


A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS.1032
School_OwnerElicare Co. Ltd

Efatha New!

Box 549 Iringa, Iringa


A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS. 4192
School_OwnerBwana Paul Laurence Tabani

Einoti New!

Box 15018 Arusha, Arumeru


A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS.647

Ekenywa New!

Box 2358 Arusha, Arumeru


A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS.310
School_OwnerELCT Arusha Region

Elerai New!


A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS.2018

Elite Arusha New!

Box 15269, Arusha, Arumeru

Elite Arusha

A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS. 3577
School_OwnerBw & Bibi Jckson Jonathan Kilimba

Elly's New!

Box 461 Bunda, Bunda


A/O - LEVELO-A. Level
Reg NumberS.1765
School_OwnerBw. Eliah Maduhu

Elohimu New!

Box 580, Tanga, Tanga


A/O - LEVELO level
Reg NumberS.4206
School_OwnerMkurugenzi Elohimu Education Centre.

Eloni New!

Box 509, Babati, Babati


A/O - LEVELA level
Reg NumberS. 4193
School_OwnerBw. Msama Kosani Msama

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