Quality Learning for all Children

Reaching Every Child

Shule Bora is designed to support the government in improving the quality, inclusiveness, and safety of learning for all girls and boys in government schools in Tanzania. In partnership with the Government of Tanzania, Shule Bora will put in place lasting reforms that enable every child to get the best start to their education, giving them the opportunity to fulfil their potential and contribute to Tanzania's growth and development.

Shule Bora will operate at both a national level supporting the Tanzanian government's education reform programme and with local government and schools in nine of Tanzania's most challenged regions to improve education.

Addressing Challenges

While most children go to school, education outcomes in Tanzania remain challenging. Only 8% of students reach the national benchmark in reading fluency and 12% reach the benchmark for addition and subtraction skills. This is in part because increases in access to basic education alongside population growth have led to corresponding increases in Pupil Teacher Ratios, with an average of sixty-two students to every one teacher in government primary schools

Focused on Results

At a national level Shule Bora provides the bulk of technical assistance to the government and multi donor Education Programme for Results II (EPforRII). In EPforRII, national performance targets are mutually set by government and donors with disbursement linked to target achievement. This incentivises lasting systemic change such as more equitable distribution of teachers and provision of textbooks. Shule Bora will also fund the independent verification of EPforRII results needed by other donors to disburse and provide an impact evaluation facility - identifying what works and why.

Funded by UK aid with a total budget of £89 million (approximately TZS 271 billion) and operating at both a national and regional level, Shule Bora will run until 2027.

Partnerships Driving Innovation

Shule Bora will also work directly with regional and district authorities and schools in nine of the most challenged regions, agreed with the Government of Tanzania, to improve education. It is estimated this work will reach 4 million children, half of whom are girls. Reform and innovation will be trialled and evaluated at local level and where appropriate proven best practices can be adopted across all primary schools in Tanzania.

Shule Bora is focused on four outcomes:



All children are learning in school.



UK aid supports the strengthening of Tanzania's teaching workforce.



All children are in schools that are safe, provide an environment conducive to learning and that this enables children to complete primary education and progress to secondary education.


System Building

UK aid supports government in strengthening the value for money of education provision at school, local and national level.


Inclusion at the Heart of Shule Bora

Inclusion for girls, children with special educational needs and those living in challenging areas is at the heart of Shule Bora. The programme will support initiatives that ensure children are in school, are safe, learning well and progress to secondary school. This includes working with parents and communities to improve school safety and tackle violence; ensuring teachers are addressing gender and special educational needs in class; providing safe spaces and support for girls to share concerns; and to continue attending school during menstruation.

Shule Bora Focus for Inclusion

Shule Bora will build on UK aid’s previous education support. Together with the government this has almost eliminated the gap between girls and boys in many areas. Girls are now on a par with boys in attending primary school; reading and writing; and more girls than boys graduate from primary to junior secondary school. UK aid funded programmes have improved the quality of education and learning for 4.1 million children. An independent impact evaluation found that children in schools supported by the UK funded EQUIP-T programme achieved results equivalent to having attended an additional two years of school compared to peers in non-EQUIP-T schools.

Once launched Shule Bora will:

  • Support teachers in using inclusive pedagogies;
  • Support government to identify and assess children with special needs;
  • Provide assistance to the government’s Education Support and Resource Assessment Centres (ESRAC), which:
    • Offer care and support for children with albinism and low vision.
    • Deliver improved teaching of 3Rs to children with visual and hearing impairments
    • Provide teaching to children with intellectual impairment and autism

Shule Bora is a UK aid-funded government-led education support programme. It is implemented in nine regions of Tanzania with technical assistance from Cambridge Education in partnership with ADD International, International Rescue Committee and Plan International.