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Teacher Education Department (TED)

  • About Teacher Education Department

Teacher Education in Tanzania is currently managed by at least three ministries. The Ministry of Education and Culture (MOEC) is currently managing a network of 34 government Teachers Colleges and provide guidance to about 14 registered privately owned ones. The Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher education (MSTHE) manages university-based Teacher Education. The Ministry of Labour, Youth Development and Sports manages vocational Teacher Education.

Teacher Education Department is responsible for provision of Teacher Education in the Ministry of Education and Culture. It deals with preparation of grade ‘A’ and Diploma teachers to satisfy teachers needs for pre-school, primary and secondary education.

  • Management Structure of Teacher Education Department

The structural management of Teacher Education under MOEC consists of the Director, two Deputy Directors, desk officers and other supporting staff.

The Department is divided into two main sections, namely the Management and Administration Section, and the Development and Monitoring Section. The Director is the head of the department and the Deputy Directors head the respective sections.

The Management and Administration section , which covers the overall management of Teacher Education Department, is responsible for:

  • Reviewing policy, plans and regulations related to Teacher Education;
  • Issuing guidelines for selection of students to Teachers Colleges (TCs);
  • Issuing guidelines on management and administration of TCs;
  • Co-ordinating teachers and tutors recruitment, postings and deployment;
  • Co-ordinating TCs, practicing Primary and Secondary Schools; and
  • Co-ordinating and accounting budget preparation, financial and material resource allocation to TCs.

Development and Monitoring Section is responsible for:

  • Setting and monitoring standards of training;
  • Reviewing the teacher education curricula, the teaching materials and teaching methods with focus to participatory methods;
  • Co-ordinating professional development of teachers and tutors, ensuring access and equity for all in the profession; and
  • Monitoring the programmes conducted in Teachers Colleges and Teachers Resource Centres (TRCs).

The Teachers Colleges are under the management of the college Principals who are responsible to the Director of Teacher Education. The colleges manage both Pre-Service and In-Service training programmes. The colleges also manage a system of TRCs to the school level.

Objectives of Teacher Education and Training in Tanzania

1. To impart to teacher trainees theories and principles of education, psychology, guidance and counselling.

2. To impart to teacher trainees principles and skills of pedagogy, creativity an innovation.

3. To promote an understanding of the foundations of the school curriculum.

4. To sharpen the teacher trainees’, teachers’ and tutors’ knowledge and mastery of selected subjects, skills and technologies.

5. To impart skills and techniques of research, assessment and evaluation in education.

6. To enable both teacher trainees and serving teachers and tutor to acquire organisational, leadership and management skills in education and training.



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