Mawasiliano Serikalini

To ensure quality and timeous information and communication flow and feedback on matters pertaining to the Ministry.

This Unit will perform the following activities: -

  • Produce and disseminate publications, documents, articles, textual, digital and audio-visual materials to inform the public on policies, programmes, activities and reforms undertaken by the Ministry;
  • Coordinate press briefings for the Ministry;
  • Engage in dialogue with the public as well as media on issues concerning the Ministry with a view to portray a positive image of education and training;
  • Prepare communication strategies for the Ministry;
  • Promote Ministerial activities, programs and policies through media;
  • Coordinate the preparation, production and distribution of papers and notices for the National Education Advisory Council as well as Ministry’s workshops and conferences;
  • Update ministerial information in the Ministry and Government websites and web-portal as well as the social media networks;
  • Liaise from time to time with and obtain various publicity documents from institutions under the Ministry on matters related to education and training and thereby prepare briefs for the management team;
  • Liaise from time to time with and obtain publicity documents from other MDAs on matters touching or having a bearing on the education sector and thereby prepare briefs for the management team; and
  • Provide oversight on the preparation and uploading of data to the ESMIS and Open Government Partnership portals by other Ministry’s Divisions, Units, Sections and Institutions in accordance with the agreed work flow and protocol.

This Unit will be led by a Principal Information Officer.

Imesomwa 22,796


  • Name:    Permanent Secretary
  • Address: Government City
  • Mtumba Area - Afya Street
  •               P.O.Box 10
  •               40479 Dodoma
  • Tel:        +255 26 216 0270               
  •                +255 737 962 965
  • Email:
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