Published on Tuesday 13 September, 2022 06:55:53

Call for Application

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology is pleased to announce that the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Arab Republic of Egypt is offering undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships at the top Egyptian Universities for suitable Tanzanian students in various domains for the academic year 2022/2023.


To be eligible for admission, applicants must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Have a high school certificate or its equivalent.
  2. Have relevant academic certificates.
  3. Have a good command of the English language and working knowledge of computers.
  4. Be physically fit and have a record of good conduct and honorable behaviour.

List of required documents

  1. A copy of high school certificate or its equivalent certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation.
  2. A copy of a valid passport.
  3. 7 recent personal passport size photos.
  4. A copy of birth certificate.
  5. Certificates and supporting documents must be certified by relevant authorities.
  6. Completed Application Forms (herein attached).
  7. Have an official medical certificate that states that the candidate is free of any infectious disease (HIV, HEPATITIS C and COVID-19).
  8. An acknowledgment letter from relevant authorities stating that the degree in which the candidate holds is eligible for enrollment at local universities.

Mode of application and submission  

  1. Complete the online application on the official portal: Details and information regarding all the terms and conditions as well as all requirements needed for the said scholarships can also be found on the website above.
  2. For further information concerning the scholarship or the application process applicants can email the Central Administration for International Students Affairs at:
  3. The deadline for applications is on 30th September, 2022.

Nota Bene:

The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania will not provide a loan or grant for candidates who will be offered this scholarship.


Issued by:

Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Education, Science and Technology,
Government City,
Mtumba Area,
Afya Street,
P. O. Box 10,
40479 DODOMA.


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