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The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has secured a loan from the World Bank to support the higher education sector through “Higher Education for Economic Transformation (HEET) Project”. The HEET Project Development Objective (PDO) is to strengthen the learning environments and labor market alignment of programs in priority areas and the management of the higher education system.

This 5-year (2021 – 2026) project, coordinated by MoEST, seeks to enable Universities and colleges/schools to be in the driving seat for the envisaged economic transformation, whereas three MoEST agencies, namely Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU), the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) and the Higher Education Students Loan Board (HESLB) are expected to create the needed enabling environment.


HEET project through the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MoEST) would like to recruit a procurement specialist aimed to:

  1. Provide technical assistance to ensure that all procurement assignments within HEET project within MoEST are executed timely and in accordance to approved Procurement Plans, Project’s Covenant Documents, World Bank Procurement Regulations for Borrowers under Investment Project Financing’, Fourth Edition, November 2020) and that of the United Republic of Tanzania where the case may be.
  2. Provide technical assistance and procurement capacity in all in-service and assigned procurement personnel for HEET Project within MoEST to enable them effectively manage procurement contracts.
  3. Provide technical advisory services to on all aspects of the project procurement and contract management process.
  1. The Procurement Specialist will report to HEET Project National Coordinator and Head Procurement Management Unit within MoEST and will work closely with other MoEST Project members to deliver the required outputs.

The Procurement Specialist shall inter alia, undertake the following:

  1. In line with the projects’ approved Procurement Plan, support project implementers and MoEST in initiation of the procurement process including preparation of Specific Procurement Notices (SPN) and Requests for Expressions of Interest (EOI), and Pre-qualification Documents (if applicable), using the World Bank standard procurement templates;
  2. Support and assist evaluation committees in the evaluation of submitted EOIs and establishment of short lists for consultant services, and the prequalification of suppliers (when applicable), evaluation of bids and proposals;
  3. Advise upon and assist in preparation and finalisation of Terms of Reference, Technical Specifications, drawings, and plans;
  4. Assist and advise MoEST in the preparation of customized Bidding Documents and Request for Proposals (RFP) for goods, works, non-consulting services and consultancy services, using the World Bank’s Standard Bidding Documents/Request for Proposals, and development of standardized Formats for International and National Shopping Procedures;
  5. Assist and advise MoEST in preparation of the bidding documents/RFPs provide technical advice on composition of lots of goods and/or works, delivery schedules/terms, employment terms for consulting firms and individuals, evaluation criteria and methodology, and other technical and commercial conditions to ensure overall consistency within the bidding documents, conformity with prevailing industry standards or local conditions and current market conditions and their conformity with the agreed formats and their adequacy for the type of works, goods and services, including consultants services, being procured;
  6. Assist and advise the MoEST in preparation of contract documents and addenda;
  7. Assist MoEST to coordinate the timely procurement communications with the World Bank, bidders and other stakeholders, documentation and maintain records of such communications.
  8. Initiate and maintain correspondence for the respective officials’ signatures in response to requests for clarifications by bidders and monitor and ensure timely responses to procurement related questions which may be raised by the World Bank;
  9. Provide support and technical assistance on the bid openings and evaluation committees in evaluation of the bids/proposals and to the respective procurement staff in their role as Committees’ secretariat for the preparation of bid opening and of evaluation reports using the standard format of the World Bank;
  10. Oversee preparations for negotiations and assist implementing departments in the negotiations with consultants, contractors and suppliers, including finalization of draft contracts for submission to the World Bank for their review and no-objection where required.
  11. Ensure the timely distribution of all final procurement and contract documents to interested parties (MOEST, Technical staff, consultants, suppliers, and the World Bank);
  12. Ensure conformity with the approved Procurement Plan and provide expert advice on strategic procurement decisions including utilization of the Procurement Plan as a means of establishing a procurement management system for monitoring the progress of procurement activities;
  13. Advise and assist MoEST in all key aspects procurement management including contract management for goods, works and consultants’ services including timely reception and acceptance of Goods/works, and quality of consultancy services reports/outputs;
  14. Assist MoEST in development and implementation of contracts management plans and contracting strategies for goods, services and works, and development of contract management plans for professional service contracts, focusing on achievement of the following results:
    1. Apply appropriate application of the World Bank procurement framework (rules, regulations, policies and tools).
    2. Procurement strategies, approaches and plans designed and implemented accordingly to achieve intended results and value for money.
  15. Review and advise on the improvements required for the existing central project related procurement filing system and records management system in each of the implementing departments, including complete documentation of the procurement process for contracts subject to the Bank prior and post review;
  16. Establish and maintain, a detailed database of technical specifications, prices and other relevant information of major items procured; establish and maintain a database of suppliers and contractors qualified for procurement of goods, works and services under the shopping method;
  17. Provide periodic modular kind of training and training in hand-on exercise mode, support and guidance, mentoring and coaching to junior procurement staff while performing daily MUHAS functions to ensure they are learning at deeper level and be able to stand on their Own when same assignment appear in future;
  18. Prepare monthly, quarterly, annually and other procurement progress reports based on planned and actual procurement actions for submission to Head of Procurement, Project Coordinator and the World Bank including reasons for delays and recommendations on resolution of the issues at hand (if any);
  19. Provide support/input in preparation of the procurement related sections of the performance reports.
  20. Prepare a capacity assessment report of the procurement function at the end of the services for submission to the Project Coordinator.
  21. Attend to procurement queries, disputes and complaints and report on contract awards and progress in accordance with the projects.
  22. Perform any other duties as may be assigned.

The Procurement Specialist should be a reputable and experienced and shall have extensive expertise in the relevant policies of the World Bank Procurement Policies and procedures. The candidate must meet the minimum required qualification and experience stipulated below:

  1. Must have a degree from a recognized University in any of the following speciality: Procurement Management, Economics, Business Administration, commerce, law, finance, engineering, economist or any other related field with relevant knowledge in procurement. Must be registered by a recognized Professional board.
  2. Experience of not less than eight (8) years working as a procurement expert/specialist on the donor financed projects, out of which at least five (5) years must have been on procurement of works, goods and consultancy services, on the World Bank funded projects/programs;
  3. The candidate should be eligible and have no Conflict of Interest as per Bank's Procurement Regulations
  4. Should have well developed interpersonal and communication skills strong negotiations skills and ability to cultivate team spirit.
  5. Must be a person of proven honesty and integrity with no criminal record, result oriented and proactive.
  6. Fluent in spoken and written English.

The specialist shall inter alia be expected to produce the following deliverables:

  1. Quality and timely advice on procurement and contract management as evidenced by procurement plans documents and reports produced.
  2. Clear and logical procurement plans produced by MoEST that reflect project objectives/targets
  3. Assist preparation of monthly/ quarterly progress report to be submitted to the Project Coordinator within 15 working days from the last day of the previous month of reporting. The report should be shared with the Bank for monitoring purpose.
  4. The Procurement Specialist must prepare an on- job training strategy for the PIT, Tender Board, PMU and User departments.
  5. The Procurement Specialist must prepare a brief report for each training, clinic and on-job tasks conducted and included in the monthly report.
  6. Initiate and support timely preparation of any other required procurement Reports as necessary

The services will commence immediate after signing the Contract. The assignment shall be for a period of twelve (12) months and may be renewed in case of business needs and subject to satisfactory performance. The duty station shall be Dodoma


The Client will provide the Procurement Specialist with facilities that will enable him to perform her/his duties in an efficient manner as per Government policy. In case the Procurement Specialist is assignment activities outside Dodoma, MoEST will bear the cost of transport and per diem allowances as per the Government policy.


For payment purposes for the assignment the Procurement Specialist shall negotiate with MoEST on their monthly remuneration for carrying out the assignment. This being a Contract for the Service, the agreed monthly remuneration shall cover all the experts’ expenses in carrying out the assignment including taxes, levies, pension etc.

    10.  LEAVE

The Procurement Expert will be entitled to 28 days paid leave during the twelve (12) months duration of the assignment.


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