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Published on Monday 07 March, 2016 09:44:46

[accordion] [acc_item title="Procedures for transfer of Primary Education Pupils who are going outside the Country"]

 a). Parent/Guardian should write a letter to MOEST Permanent Secretary Elaborating his/her request by giving basic reasons. The letter should go through the Head teacher, District Education Officer and Regional Education Officer respectively.

 b). The letter should bear the following attachments:

           i. Up to date Progressive report card.

          ii. The letter should have the passport size photo of concerned pupil.

  c). The responsible MoEST Officer will write introductory letter for the pupil to the recipient Country

[/acc_item] [acc_item title="Transfer procedures for a Primary Education Pupil who is coming into the Country"]

a). The Pupil will be received by MOEST Officer.  The Parent/Guardian will show the letter from the Ministry of Education of the Country of origin.    The letter should be signed and stamped by the respective authority.

b). The letter should bear the following attachments

       i. Up to date pupil’s progressive report.

       ii. Photocopy of passports for the pupil and parent/guardian.

       iii. Photocopy of Class C resident permit on arrival in Tanzania.

       iv. Four passport size photos.

       v. Pupil’s school registration information

       vi. It is better for a pupil will fill in an introductory form of the pupil to the respective authorities.

c). MoEST responsible officer will introductory from for the pupil to the respective authorities.

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N.B:  This procedure involves both government and non - government schools

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