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Finance and Account

  • Objective

    To ensure quality and value for money financial management and accounting services in the Ministry.

    This Unit performs the following activities:-

    • Advise the accounting Officer on all matters related to finance management and accounting in the ministry;
    • Prepare payment for salaries including statutory deductions;
    • Prepare pension papers;
    • Maintain financial records.
    • Submit voucher list to the Treasury;
    • Collect all cheques from Treasury;
    • Deposit cash and cheques in bank
    • Prepare monthly flash report;
    • Pay cash/cheques to employees/customers (service provider);
    • Batch payment vouchers;
    • Maintain cash book;
    • Record/ reconcile all imprests issued;
    • Prepare and effect all payments.
    • Collect all revenues;
    • Manage the revenue according to regulations and guidelines;
    • Carryout Bank reconciliation.
    • Maintain pension records.
    • Ensure proper documentation to support vouchers, including authorization according to regulations;
    • Ensure adherence to the relevant acts, regulations, circulars, etc;
    • Prepare Final Accounts and other Financial Statements;
    • Asset register management; and
    • Handle replies to audit queries

    This Unit is led by the Chief Accountant.

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