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Science, Technology and Innovation

  • Science Technology and Innovation

    This Division is led by a Director and has two Sections:-

    1. Research and Development Section; and
    2. Science and Technology Section


    To provide policy and guidelines on research and development (R&D), innovation with the focus to transform the country into knowledge based society.


    1. To formulate and review science, technology, innovation and research policies, guidelines and standards and monitor their implementation;
    2. To promote innovations and application of science and technology in the country;
    3. To create conducive environment for science, technology and innovation research in the country;
    4. To develop professional staff on science and technology in liaison with relevant ministries/sectors;
    5. To establish and oversee the institutes of science and technology in the country;
    6. To formulate and coordinate the implementation of national innovation system;
    7. To stimulate industry and private sectors to increase its investment in S&T development and Innovation and;
    8. To establish and operationalize a National Research fund management;


  • Research and Development Sections


    This Section is led by an Assistant Director, and performs the following activities:-

    1. Formulate and review a national research policy and monitor its implementation;
    2. Promote the development of the research knowledge and human capital in research;
    3. Promote the appropriate use of research resources through strategic institutional planning, collaboration among institutions and between sectors;
    4. Support competitive research activities relevant to industry, and private sectors for socio- economic development;
    5. Initiate and coordinate the development of the national Research Agenda (NRA);
    6. Develop and coordinate research and development strategy, research dissemination and application;
    7. Facilitate establishment and oversee a national research fund management;
    8. Create conducive environment and system for private sector participation in research;
    9. Develop mechanism for promoting collaboration in research among institutions;
    10. Promote links with industry and business so as to identify needs and resources of these sectors and define relevant research programmes;
    11. Undertake policy research, technology assessment, feasibility and technical studies to foster socio-economic development; and
    12. Facilitate entrepreneurship and business collaboration in research Institutions.

  • Science and Technologies Section

    This Section is led by an Assistant Director and it performs the following activities:-

    1. Formulate and review policies, laws and regulations related to Science, Technology, Innovations, Development and Transfer and monitor their implementation;
    2. Promote the development of legal and regulatory framework for Science, Technology, Innovations Development and Transfer;
    3. Facilitate conducive environment for commercialisation of research outcomes Technology Innovations and Inventions;
    4. Oversee protection of Innovations, Inventions and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the country;
    5. Facilitate and coordinate the establishment of Science Parks, new centres of excellence in science and technology and oversee their effectiveness in the country;
    6. Identify and establish mechanism for promotion of application and acquisition of appropriate technologies;
    7. Facilitate transfer and application of appropriate technologies to public for socio economic development;
    8. Prepare and oversee the implementation of programmes and guidelines for development of innovators/investors in the country;
    9. Facilitate promotion of National, Regional and International cooperation collaboration in research and development, science, technology and innovation;
    10. Facilitate linkages and cooperation among public sector, academia and private sector in the development of science technology and innovation;
    11. Facilitate promotion of human capital development in science, technology and innovation;
    12. Facilitate the mainstreaming of gender issues in science and technology programmes and innovation; and
    13. Oversee the establishment and use of the Innovation Fund.

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